Total Miles


271.91 ft


1 Hours

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Trail Overview

This is one of the most beautiful trails in the area. If you like driving through deep water and crawling over rock ledge then this is the trail for you. Now this trail is a little tough to find so keep your eyes open as it starts off right before a driveway please respect private property lines on this trail. You will first start off by dropping down into a creek bed as you move forward into the creek you will come up on a deep water hole within the creek. Once you get through that you will then head down the trail through the flowing creek driving over rock, mud, and even some trees. Then you will come upon some small rock ledges that come out to the most amazing waterfall you will see. Once you are there will you will begin to climb the waterfall with the water rushing beneath you. Continue down the dirt road until you reach a wide-open spot. It is there you will have to turn around as it turns into private property and is also blocked by the tree's down. You will head back the same way you came and get to enjoy the waterfall more than once.


This trail has very deep water and big rock ledges.

Technical Rating