Dye Cemetary Road

Total Miles


324.18 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is a very scenic, offroad trail that takes you by some amazing sights. There are off-shutes that offer some fun Ohio mud, large lakes for fishing, as well as some very wide-open hunting opportunities. This trail crosses another great trail named "The Ridge Run" and is mild at the beginning, but slowly increases in difficulty towards the end. Make sure to download your off-road maps, and sign the free AEP recreation land waiver before arriving as there is little to no service in this area. ***If you plan on taking a dirtbike, SxS, or ATV on this trail, make sure it is road legal through the State of Ohio first.***

Photos of Dye Cemetary Road

Dye Cemetary Road
Dye Cemetary Road
Dye Cemetary Road


This trail is doable for any 4x4, and a lot of obstacles are easily skipped if need be. Although I will caution, that anyone taking this trail should test the depth of the big mud hole at the end. Even with a solid mud floor, it can be very deep and potentially hydro-lock a vehicle.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Curt Overlanding
Mar 24, 2024
Temporarily Closed
Trail opens April 1st

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