Tobe Lewis Road

Total Miles


358.90 ft


1.25 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is an offroad paradise for people who want to enjoy nature but don't have built rigs. The trail will give you off-camber ruts through mudholes as well as rocky hill climbs with great views of the outskirts of the Shawnee State Forest. Do not attempt this in a 2WD vehicle or a truck that does not have at least 33-inch tires and 4-low. the trail can be slick and muddy if it has rained in the days before your adventure. This is a great trail for some relaxing off-road fun; it is just sketchy enough to be fun but not over-the-top hard.

Photos of Tobe Lewis Road

Tobe Lewis Road
Tobe Lewis Road
Tobe Lewis Road


Expect uneven washouts and deep muddy ruts with off-camber crossings.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Gary Mccartney
May 17, 2024
2023 Chevrolet Colorado
muddy and rough, multiple trees down that you will need to cross over/around and under, if you are not careful and ride the brakes down the steep muddy hill you will slide uncontrollably, i used 4 LO and hill descent control after the first time I slid down a muddy hill. it was a very good time, the . ud made it even more fun.

Access Description

if you want to ride this trail downhill, you will enter off of Morrell Hollow, turn left, and let the fun begin. If you want to run it uphill, you enter where the pavement on Tobe Lewis Road ends.

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