Pinnacle - SCAR Alternate

Total Miles


1129.56 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

If you're looking for a scenic side trip on the South Carolina Adventure Route this trail might be for you. It runs along the outskirts of the Dupont State Forest and provides ridgetop views. The trail is dirt and will include some steep and rutted grades. About the SCARThe South Carolina Adventure Route loops through approximately 1,000 miles of rural South Carolina. Along this route, you'll enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Atlantic Ocean, diverse forests, cotton fields, state parks, historical sites, and quaint towns. The SCAR also connects to the Smokey Mountains 500, the Georgia Traverse, and the Trans-America Trail (TAT), providing riders on those trails with a scenic route to the Atlantic coast at Edisto Beach. The roads along the SCAR are a mix of pavement and dirt, 60% and 40% respectively, with the surface alternating between gravel, dirt, clay, and sand. The route is not exceptionally technical, but dry conditions can leave the sandy roads loose, while wet conditions can leave the mud and clay roads slick and rutted. Travelers should expect to encounter deep sand and sizable mud holes in the worst conditions.


Largely a graded dirt road

Technical Rating