Hurricane Creek

Total Miles


1206.13 ft


2.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring

Trail Overview

This is a one-way trail that you enter from the westbound lane of Interstate 40. The trail gets tight in many areas, there is not enough room to turn around. You will encounter steep drops on one side of the trail with a steep bank on the other. There are water crossings and tight twisty rocky trails. The scenery is awesome and there are a bunch of other trails nearby


We encountered a few places where a spotter may be required. Slippery rock with steep embankments that will cause rollovers if the incorrect line is chosen. Most of the trail is fairly easy except for a few minor spots, where slippery rock due to rain.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Enter the trailhead from the Westbound lane of Interstate 40, just past the guardrail. This will come up fast and is not a marked road.