Brown Mountain Trail 1

Total Miles


821.00 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

The Brown Mountain OHV area is a predominantly SxS, ATV, and dirt biking system that offers a few miles of trail for full-size 4WD rigs. The trail starts as an easy rutted Forest Service-esque road and eventually turns into a challenging double-track trail that has rock gardens, small ledges, ruts, and rock climbs. In dry seasons, the rocks have large amounts of grip, however, when the trail is wet, the rocks become extremely slippery, and large mud holes or pits form in the trails and can range from a few inches deep to potentially 24 inches. Most of these mud holes have a solid bottom, but some may be rutted out at the bottom. About half the trail is narrow, only wide enough for one vehicle, meaning the majority of obstacles cannot be avoided. With all that being said, the trail is very enjoyable and offers a variety of different sceneries, ranging from climbing through the mountains to a rhododendron forest to a large granite slab similar to the ones in the Western United States.

Photos of Brown Mountain Trail 1

Brown Mountain Trail 1
Brown Mountain Trail 1
Brown Mountain Trail 1


The trail has a variety of obstacles, some of which are likely unavoidable. The trail is narrow, with mud holes up to 2 feet deep, and a few ledges that are close to 18 inches. Pinstripes should be expected.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Landon Lennex
Jun 16, 2024
Dirt Bike
Just normal washouts, loose large rocks, other than that I highly recommend! Just use caution as others have crawlers upcoming on the trail.

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