Unity Mine FS 305AA

Total Miles


2,378.20 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Unity Mine is a trail located just to the south of the Kelly, NM ghost town and southeast of Magdalena, NM. Rich in New Mexico mining history, this trail leads up a narrow mountain road to the Unity Mine ore bins and has a hiking trail at the end that leads to the Unity Mineshaft. Starting at the Clemens Ranch House historical site, the trail begins on a dirt and gravel surface and quickly changes to a more rocky surface. The track is single vehicle wide with only a couple of small pull-offs to pass or turn around and becomes more narrow as the trail continues with some substantial overgrowth impeding the trail towards the end that has the potential to damage paint. While there are no large obstacles, several sections are comprised of loose rocks with a couple of steeper grade inclines and large rock formations as well as a few low-lying washes. Most high-clearance AWD and 4WD vehicles will be able to complete the trail without issue. Towards the end of the trail, there is a small steady flow of water that makes the surface soft and causes the rocks to be slippery. Views are wide open in some areas giving views of the mountains to the east with Elephant Mountain being the most visible. Take caution if hiking the area as several portions of the surrounding land are off-limits due to mine-related hazards. Cell service changes from strong to none throughout the length of the trail.


Expect to encounter short steep grades on a loose rocky surface with some areas being wet due to water runoff. There are some rutting and low-lying washes that have the potential to be shallow water crossings. The surface at the end of the trail is a combination of dirt and rock and is very soft due to water runoff from the mines.

Technical Rating


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