Bosequecito Desert Crossing

Total Miles


1,587.04 ft


1 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter

Trail Overview

This route is one of the many lesser-known desert crossing routes that branch off the Quebradas Backcountry byway, connecting back to the Rio Grande. The land on either side of this route is typically used for cattle grazing, with a couple of water tanks placed along the trail. This is a great trail to take if you are planning to get back to Socorro after running down Quebradas, as it trades the less interesting southern parts of the backcountry byway for a mesa crossing. The trail winds along the upper rim of a gorge in a couple of places, providing some interesting views. The mountains on the other side of the interstate become larger as you progress along the route, providing an imposing vista. Note that there is a courtesy gate on either end of this trail. It isn't locked but should be closed behind you when traversing the route.

Photos of Bosequecito Desert Crossing

Bosequecito Desert Crossing
Bosequecito Desert Crossing
Bosequecito Desert Crossing


Most of the trail is very basic dirt, which will turn into nasty mud when wet. The biggest "obstacle" is the cow herds grazing around the trail.

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Status Reports

Benji Kuipers
Aug 26, 2023

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