Saddle Rock Canyon Rd

Total Miles


1,965.11 ft


2.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Saddlerock Canyon Road traverses the northern section of the Big Burro Mountains. Starting from the north the trail begins in a sandy wash. There are numerous interesting rock formations as well as some huge cottonwood trees. The Big Burro Mountains are known for copper mining and several other rocks and minerals are also in the area including turquoise and fluorspar. There are several short offshoot trails from the main road. These lead to old mines or corrals and water sources for cattle. Mostly the trail is easy and the difficulty increases gradually from north to south. This makes a good beginner trail as one can easily turn around if uncomfortable. The difficulty ramps up much more quickly going south to north. Heavy monsoon rains can make the trail impassable as a large portion is in the bottom of a wash.

Photos of Saddle Rock Canyon Rd

Saddle Rock Canyon Rd
Saddle Rock Canyon Rd
Saddle Rock Canyon Rd


The difficulty rating is primarily for one obstacle halfway through the trail. This is an off-camber rock with a large hole. A spotter and careful wheel placement are advised.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Tony Jefferson
Jan 30, 2024
2021 Jeep Gladiator
Trail conditions were Goldilocks - not too wet/muddy, not too dry/sandy. My stock Gladiator Willys on 33" MT tires made it through everything with no issues. Trail gets gnarlier as you head south so you can always turn around if you want. Took our time and did a couple of hikes too - so the whole trip took about 6 hours. Great trail for people like us that are still new to off-roading. It's a long trail and cell coverage is spotty - so be sure to be prepared.

Access Description

From the north the trail begins near mile marker 100 on US Hwy. 180 west of Silver City, New Mexico.

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