Powers Ridge

Total Miles


1770.19 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Powers Ridge is located in the central portion of the Guadalupe Mountain Range in Lincoln National Forest. The trail is a combination of rocks and dirt, with some obstacles in excess of 12". The trail is primarily single vehicle wide, with room to pass in a few areas and is an out and back. Trail does not appear to be heavily used and is showing signs of overgrowth with foliage impeding on the track in areas. Large rock gardens are scattered throughout the trail as well as a combination of loose rocks/gravel and some soft dirt. Views are partially limited with small areas and the end of the track providing wide open views of the surrounding area. Most 4x4 vehicles will be able to traverse the trail without issue. There are several dispersed camping areas along the route. Cell service is weak in a couple spots with the rest of the track having no service at all. Deer, elk and other wildlife are frequent, as well as cattle. The trail ends suddenly where brush and foliage have taken over the trail and the track is no longer visible.


Rock gardens with obstacles over 12". Large loose rocks and gravel. Soft dirt with minor rutting. Dense foliage with overgrowth.

Technical Rating