Jack's Valley

Total Miles


2,219.68 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Jack's Valley begins on a wide-open and almost unobstructed two-track trail that gradually becomes extremely narrow once in the canyon. The beginning of the trail is a combination of dirt and rocks with only a couple of small washes and no major obstacles. After 3.5 miles into the track, there are several deeper washes with short, steep grades on loose rocks and rocks up to 12 inches in size. Brush and trees have overgrown into the trail path and will cause some paint and body damage. Once past the 3.5-mile point, there is no room to pass and no room to turn around due to heavy erosion in some areas, dense brush, and much of the trail being in a wash. While the trail appears rugged, it is easy enough for most beginner drivers and will be easily handled by most 4WD and 4X4 vehicles with decent tires, a small lift kit, and a disregard for pinstripes or trail rash. The trail is an out-and-back that dead ends at a very small clearing with just enough room to make a multi-point turnaround. Cell service is strong at the start and gradually drops to no service once in the canyon. Wildlife in the canyon seems to be primarily birds with some signs of sheep and coyotes, but is extremely quiet and peaceful with very little wind or sounds other than the birds.


Drivers can expect to encounter some sandy washes with steep grades in and out, loose rocks up to 12 inches, and narrow sections of the trail. After 3.5 miles into the trail, there is no room to pass or turn around and brush overgrowth will cause some trail damage to vehicles.

Technical Rating


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