Willow Springs Half Loop

Total Miles


1874.02 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail appears to be a loop when viewed on the map. It very well may be, but at the time of recording, the trail seemed to take a sharp left turn into a very narrow stream bed that would increase the difficulty and only allow access to a much smaller vehicle. Past the "turn," the trail appears to continue, but again it becomes more technical than what lies before this point. Therefore, this trail is an out-and-back. Overall this route has some enjoyable transitions. Steep off-camber drops into deep washouts. Long sections of very off-camber trenches and plenty of very tight turns and narrow turns through the Juniper trees. Paint damage is guaranteed. The route passes through vast sagebrush fields with plenty of birds and wildlife to observe. Further along, the mighty Junipers become very dense. They're a few flat spots that would work to camp. But this is more of a fun wheeling trail that would best suit a Moto, ATV, or an SXS. There are two bars of Verizon LTE that fades to none the further back you go.


Off-camber sections, deep washouts, and very narrow tree sections.

Technical Rating