Powerline Trail

Total Miles


1,148.72 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail continues from Higley Trail in Pahrump farther up into the mountains. We saw several homeless campers with dilapidated RVs and trash everywhere nearby these camps (sad!). There are also lots of weekenders boondocking on BLM land, enjoying responsibly. The trail is narrower than its starting point in town on Higley Road, and there are some sections of the trail where two Jeeps would be tight but doable. There were a few mini-descents into washes that were marginally slower than the other sections of the trail. The trail had a few sections where you could take an easier trail that appeared to be maintained or a slightly slower, bumpier trail. We appreciated the slower trail so we could check out the scenery. The trail is easy and can be traversed by 2wd vehicles under normal weather conditions. The trail runs through several deep washes, and I suspect when it rains, the washes flood. This trail leads to various trails in the area up the mountain, back to town, and across the foothills. The views are pretty spectacular out here, sans the trash. Please bring a trash bag please and take some of it with you!!

Photos of Powerline Trail

Powerline Trail
Powerline Trail
Powerline Trail


There are a few deeper washes though we traversed this trail in 2wd. I consider this trail to be easy.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Take Higley Rd Trail out of Pahrump by the Winery, and this trail continues on after a trail intersection.

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