Pole Line Road

Total Miles


961.58 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail is the main Pole line heading south out of town from Beatty and its more local dirt trails. This road takes you along the power lines and down toward two interesting abandoned mining complex trails. At one point, the trail is very tricky as it passes asphalt. You will want to follow their track alongside the private property, but please be aware dogs are out and about and watch your speed to be respectful of dust. Once past there, you share the main trail with burro tracks that cross in and out of the trail. The trail is mostly two-track with some sandy sections, silty sections, and many sharp rocks. Be aware that if you are gaming, there are a few twists and turns with bermed corners and some serious kickers that could sneak up on you. It's the desert, so pack accordingly, bring lots of water, watch for rattlesnakes and be aware of sharp rocks that may puncture your tires. The town of Beatty is nearby for fuel, groceries, and restaurants. 2 bars LTE Verizon in and out.


Mostly hard pack dirt with the occasional sandy wash crossing and silt bed

Technical Rating