Peavine to Robb

Total Miles


2,335.64 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

The trail is made up of mostly dirt with some small rocks here and there. Most of the difficulty is the steepness of the mtn. Alternate paths can make the trail more challenging. Hitting the trail from the bottom up makes the trail much more challenging due to the loose nature of the ground. A 4x4 for decent AT tires should be able to complete the trail. There are great views of Reno as you end up on the peaks of many of the mtn ridges. Make sure your brakes work, low range for the descents is recommended. Overall it's a pretty easy day drive to get you out of the city.

Photos of Peavine to Robb

Peavine to Robb
Peavine to Robb
Peavine to Robb


Steep climbs are the most challenging part of the trail. Dirt is loose so traveling up can be difficult if you are not prepared or have road tires. There are some small rocks to climb over but nothing a standard SUV couldn't handle.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Phil Rubie
Oct 07, 2023

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