Pahrump to Mountain Springs

Total Miles


2075.48 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Mountain Springs is located between Pahrump and Las Vegas and is accessible from Pahrump by trail. The trail runs Southeast and Southwest through the Toiyabe National Forest and is an easy off-road drive through beautiful terrain. You will step outside of the normal desert landscape on this drive and visit a treed wonderland with wild horses, elk, and mountain goats. The trail is easy and not technical, though many trails intersect with this route. The trail is primarily gravel, hard-packed, rocky, with some dirt. We remained in 2wd the length of the trail, though a few spots were slippery. There are several sites for tent camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities on these trails. The trail runs adjacent to a few private properties in the mountains; please be respectful of your speed. The trail is primarily one vehicle wide and non-directional and many blind corners. The trail can be run from Mountain Springs to Pahrump or from Pahrump to Mountain Springs. If you are using a UTV, you could easily go out and back in 2 hours with limited stops, a ride in a Jeep went one way in 2 hours. Cell phone service is great until you are deep in the mountains and pick up just outside Mountain Springs. Be sure to download your maps for offline use before heading out.


The trail is primarily easy gravel/hard-packed dirt roads with minor obstacles that most vehicles can traverse without issue. We did not put the Rubicon in 4wd or disconnect the sway bay. You will encounter steep inclines/declines depending on the direction you decide to take. In adverse weather, I would steer clear; there were several dry water channels where flash flood waters run downhill.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From Las Vegas: those with SXS, I recommending staging at Lovell Canyon and Highway 160 and hitting the trail to Pahrump and back, then to Mountain Springs. Jeeps, I would recommend meeting at Mountain Springs Bar and heading to Pahrump, enjoying lunch at one of the many restaurants in Pahrump before heading back to Vegas.From Pahrump: those with SXS I recommending meeting at the Chevy dealership and head up (east) Carpenter Canyon, hand a right on Fenceline Trail (south), heading up on Trout Canyon (east). Eat at Mountain Springs, whether you packed lunch or get lunch, then head back on the trail home. Jeeps, I recommend heading south on 160 until Trout Canyon to pick up the trail. We typically hit the highway home when in our Jeep.