Old Man Canyon / Seven Devils Hot Springs

Total Miles


1852.17 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail starts out with some fast dynamic driving through the washes in the alluvial fan coming off the Stillwater Range. After 2 miles, you'll come to Fencemaker Road, which is well maintained and graded as this is the road that leads to the cellphone towers at the top of the mountain. Once you get to the pass, keep your eyes out for the turn-off to Old Man Canyon, as it's not well marked. This road was cut and trenched to service the phone cable that is under the road and is very steep. As a result of all the construction, the road is made up of medium to small jagged rocks. Once at the valley floor, follow the power lines two miles to the Seven Devils Hot Springs.


Steep graded and jagged rocks cause vehicles to slide which could result in slashed tires.

Technical Rating