Davey Town Rocky Mountains

Total Miles


1,856.39 ft


5.3 Hours

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Trail Overview

This is a rough road--super washed out in a lot of sections. If you start from Sand Pass Road out of Winnemucca, the first 5 miles are county-maintained packed gravel, but after that, it gets rough pretty fast. The views from the top with all the big rock formations are well worth the slow going.

Photos of Davey Town Rocky Mountains

Davey Town Rocky Mountains
Davey Town Rocky Mountains
Davey Town Rocky Mountains


This is a super washed-out road most of the way. There are some fairly good sections, but they're far and few between. It's pretty slow going. Do not attempt in wet weather.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Alec Elliott
Apr 28, 2024
2019 Toyota Tacoma
Took the clockwise route starting on sand pass road about 9.5mi from 95. Easy drive up to the rock structures, passable for full width vehicles. One tight spot when the track goes through some of the rock structures but a Tacoma and Raptor fit. Ride back down to Davey Town was rougher with some significant washouts, but nothing that couldn't be avoided/driven through with a spotter.

Access Description

You can start from two spots located off Highway 95 out of Winnemucca.

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