Chiatovitch Creek to Middle Creek

Total Miles


2548.81 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

The lower trail is an easy grader with plenty of washboard and scattered rocks. It begins cutting through the neighborhood and while climbing offers amazing views of the valley below. Once you pass all the housing and cross into Inyo National Forest on middle creek and trail becomes narrow and rocky. At the end of the residential road, It's not immediately apparent where the trail goes, the road ends at a T where you go left, then it goes past a container home where you turn right, then you cross into the forest boundary. There are lots of dispersed camping spots with creek access along the way. At one point a spring crossed and runs along the road, be careful of mud, and in the winter it became an ice field. The trail ends at the middle creek hiking trail and a nice camping spot along the creek. Once you get on the middle creep portion of the trail it is very narrow with no service.


Should be easy for most 4x4's maybe some paint damage as the trail narrows and becomes rocky with more obstacles.

Technical Rating