Bill Bike Trail

Total Miles


1185.8 ft


0.5 Hours

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Trail Overview

This is a fast and flowy single track through Yucca and Joshua Trees in the Pahrump BLM. It goes up and over small hills and in and out of washes and doesn't have very many whoops. It's mostly a smooth trail with some loose rock but is consistently easy and a great place for beginners new to singletrack. The trail has wide-open views of the town of Pahrump and the snow-capped Spring Mountains in the winter. This trail is in a lower elevation section of the Pahrump BLM, so it's dryer and hotter, and best visited in winter when it's still 60 and sunny.


The trail is consistently easy with no significant obstacles.

Technical Rating


Access Description

There are lots of places to camp in the BLM land on the outskirts of Pahrump to stage for riding this area.