1947 Bunker Trail

Total Miles


1843.05 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail starts off on a wide graded dirt road. Then turning Northeast you proceed up a narrow double track trail. This portion of the trail ascends up a flat topped ridge which is lined with Juniper trees. There are several small arroyos to cross along the way. The arroyos are usually dry, but can have water from snow melt or rain. The concrete 1947 Bunker is located about half way up this trail at: 39.07817 - 119.63224. This double track trail is suited for off highway and 4WD high clearance vehicles. Not recommended for 2WD or 4WD cars.


Dirt, sand and rocky road, steep in several places with 12" obstacles. Trail is unmaintained after rain or snow. The road is double track one way traffic. A few tall stones and obstacles under 6" can be easily avoided. The road is rutted and elevation changes are steep with no ledges.


Mining exploration and operations from the late 1800's.

Technical Rating


Access Description

This trailhead is accessed from the Prison Hill OHV Park, Carson City, Nevada. This is a fun trail in dry weather. It starts at the intersection of Sunrise Pass Road and Juniper Valley Ranch Road, located in the Pine Nut Mountains.