West Fork Butte

Total Miles


1972.83 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This easy scenic trail winds its way up the mountain, eventually reaching a small turnout for the west fork of Butte Lookout. The gate is locked, there is room to park, and a short half-mile hike takes you to the lookout and provides epic views of the valley below and surrounding mountains. There is very little camping unless you are a fan of camping in pullouts. Then this is the trail for you. There are snowmobile markings in the trees so it could be a great winter option. Be aware of downed trees in the springtime and bring a saw. You may have to clear trees to get through. There is little to no usable cell service on this trail aside from one bar near the top when you go around a corner. In case of emergency, that may be your only option.


Narrow with places to pull out and pass oncoming traffic. No winter maintenance

Technical Rating