Stemple Pass

Total Miles


1,944.86 ft



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Best Time

Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

The Stemple Pass road is a quick and scenic escape route to the small mountain town of Lincoln, Montana. The road, while it is well maintained, does have things of which to be cautious. Loose gravel and numerous blind corners could be concerning to those on two wheels. In the summer months, this can be a popular access point for Huckleberry hunters and hikers. There is a large parking area at the top of the pass with restroom facilities. In the winter months, this road is maintained and it is not uncommon to see this parking lot filled with cross country skiers.

Photos of Stemple Pass

Stemple Pass
Stemple Pass
Stemple Pass


Any vehicle will be able to complete this route in summer. No two wheel drive vehicles in winter.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Logan Taylor
Mar 18, 2023

Access Description

The most popular starting point for this route is in Lincoln, Montana. Begin at the juncture of Stemple Pass road and Montana Highway 200.

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