Crooked Creek Road

Total Miles


2157.96 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Crooked Creek Road (1017) is one of the many access routes to the top of the Pryor Mountains. Crooked Creek Road is accessed from the south either by Helt Road (1016) Gyp Spring Road (1015) or Pryor Mountain Road (2308) from the north. Traveling south to north, Crooked Creek Road begins on the Bureau of Land Management Land (BLM). Crooked Creek Road is designated as 1017 on BLM land. The road crosses through a few dry creek beds and several fossils can be found within the first six miles. Crooked Creek Road crosses onto U.S. Forest Service land after approximately 6 miles. The road is designated as 2096. The road is well maintained and climbs through burnt timber and pine trees to the top of the Prior Mountains. Dispersed camping is available at the top.


Well maintain gravel road. Accessible with a low clearance vehicle.

Technical Rating