Cottonwood Creek - FS8337

Total Miles


2845.6 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

This is a primitive trail that runs between Continental Divide/Upper Ruby Road (FS100) and Gravelly Range Road (FS290). The trail climbs from the valley to an elevation of 9,323 feet gaining almost 3,000 feet. Like most trails in the area this one does not disappoint as the views are fantastic. Keep your eye out for cows, deer, elk, wolves and bears. There are many meadows and areas with food/protection for them. These areas also have many springs that are active. The trail does intersect with another similar primitive trail that is an opportunity to explore. NOTE: This area is closed from April 30 - June 30 for Elk calving.


The trail is rocky, rutted and has some areas that are boggy depending upon flow from local springs. It will provide a challenge for vehicles without adequate clearance. There are also culverts that have rusted through and can easily cut tires. This is not an open riding area so staying on the trail is a requirement.

Technical Rating