Butte Ridge

Total Miles


1904.04 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This short, sweet trail is primarily flat with some muddy sections after recent rain. The main trail is easy but may require tree clearing in spring or after a storm. Near the end, it appears to veer to the right but immediately narrows to where a full-size truck would receive paint damage. If the trail to the left is taken, large vehicles should park at the wide section and continue on foot. If you do, you will be rewarded with epic expansive views of the LoLo range and valleys. It's well worth taking this route to see this fantastic view. Stop and relax and soak it all in; you won't be disappointed. No cell service.


Narrow in some parts, Tree clearing may be necissary to pass. Room to pass oncoming. Larger vehicles must turn around before the end.

Technical Rating