Barton Gulch and Offshoots

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2,551.43 ft



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Beautiful trail with awesome views. Easy trail that gets narrow in spots and had some low hanging fallen trees that could be an issue if you don't want scratches in your paint. Stock 4x4s won't have a problem. Gravelly range is closed during the winter so summer time or late spring is the best time to explore the trail. Some cool abandoned structures and camping spots on the way up and some amazing views at the top of the trail.

Photos of Barton Gulch and Offshoots

Barton Gulch and Offshoots
Barton Gulch and Offshoots
Barton Gulch and Offshoots


Rocky section near the top can be avoided with easier trail off to the side. Saw a truck with a fairly big camper on the back doing fine. Bottom of the trail is used by hauling trucks and is in great shape.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Avery Donovan
May 26, 2024
Deep Snow
Clear and graded road until the mine coming out of Virginia City. After the mine there’s still too much snow to get to the summit and camping spots

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