Tennyson Hollow (West Branch) FSR 507

Total Miles


421.07 ft


1.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

The Tennyson Hollow FSR 507 is a trail branching off the Glade Top National Forest Scenic Byway, traversing through some of the most thrilling trails Mark Twain National Forest offers. The trail has a wide variety of terrain including 3+ foot ruts, tight trees, heavy mud hole sections, water collection holes up to 200 foot long, up to 2-foot deep creek crossings, 6" to 24" rock ledges, all these noted before being potentially off-camber, all over a mix of dirt, coarse gravel, and small rock base through its total trek. Some of the hard sections have bypasses but overall the difficulty still remains the same to pass the whole trail. The trail requires 4X4, great traction control, high clearances, and extended flex to safely accomplish, spotting outlines may be required and are advised. This trail is best approached with some former offroading experience and not alone.

Photos of Tennyson Hollow (West Branch) FSR 507

Tennyson Hollow (West Branch) FSR 507
Tennyson Hollow (West Branch) FSR 507
Tennyson Hollow (West Branch) FSR 507


I would say this has just a little hair on it versus the 509, and requires a little more time and planning to get over its obstacles. It features a variety of different terrain including rocks, mud, water, dirt, ledges, and all this can be amongst tight trees and potentially off-camber. This is definitely the new hardest trail I have ever been down. I tilted my Jeep the hardest to its side that I ever have on a tight turn with trees all around me, literal edge-of-my-seat type stuff, I also pushed my Jeep to new limits going over the 18" ledges, being the smallest climb possible at these ledges.


The Glade Top Trail is a Civilian Conservation Corps [CCC] built road which was designated a Scenic Byway in 1989. Portions of Forest Roads 147, 149, and 150 comprise the trail. The trail follows a series of ridgetops through the central glade area of the White River Hills. The Glade Top Trail is little changed from the original road constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the late 1930s. For twenty-three miles, the two-lane, all-weather gravel road follows narrow ridge tops rising approximately 500 feet above the surrounding rolling countryside and overlooks and passes through many limestone/dolomite glades interspersed with open and closed woodlands. Sourced from the USDA website.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Chris Menz
Nov 26, 2023
1999 Jeep Cherokee
Great entry level technical trail. Between the 12-18" ledges and the 2 foot deep eroded ruts this one requires some thought to overcome its gnarliest parts. Its a great time to be at Glade Top, it is generally dry and water levels are down, the water collection holes are mostly hard bottomed, but still be cautious before taking my word for it. It is probably. generally a 3/10 trail with occasional 4/10 obstacles, and rare 5/10 optional lines, this is why it is rated 5/10. but on average is 4/10.
Rick Stonecipher
Apr 11, 2023

Access Description

From the roundabout outside of Branson Landing, at 36.63487, -93.21338, head north on Missouri-76 for 12 miles, turn right at the roundabout onto US Route-160 going east for 3 miles, then make a hard right to stay on US-160 continuing east for 15.3 miles, at the triangle intersection stay left and get onto Missouri-125 headed north for 4.4 miles to the entrance of the Glade Top (Sky Line Drive) FSR 149, at 36.66013, -92.85181. Follow this for 1.7 miles, and turn right onto the trail entrance, at 36.66723, -92.82879, in .2 mile stay left to remain on Tennyson Hollow FSR 507. When climbing the trail from the bottom it starts at "The Hub Tree" at 36.62977, -92.82479, head west-northwest, and then in 300 feet stay right to remain on the FSR 507, the left at this spot is the bottom end of the West Fork FSR 509.

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