Twelvemile Creek FSR 2130

Total Miles


305.11 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer

Trail Overview

Twelvemile Creek FSR 2130 is a gravel-leaning natural improved forestry route through the Fredericktown sector of Mark Twain National Forest. It features a creek crossing at Twelvemile Creek right out of the gate, but then slowly tracks up a rutted hill, to a flattened-out area, where an overland campsite cutout exists (on the right side at 37.47518, -90.31328) and shortly after Twelvemile Creek Loop trail begins (left turn at 37.47493, -90.31395), leading you back to US-67. This is a great fun little excursion right off US-67 that can be kept simple and mild, but if paired with the Twelve Mile loop can bring some challenge and thrill to your day.


The biggest two obstacles to note are the creek crossing, which could have a potential 2 feet of depth in a rainstorm, but is typically running at 8"-12" on a sunny day, and the rutted hill, which has a depth of about 18' to 2 foot from the road that surrounds it, though with the road being wide here there is plenty of room to ride alongside or maneuver past it. The gravel of the road in places is nonexistent and feels more natural with the landscape and terrain of the area. Rides like a 3 on a dry day, but could ride more like a 4 in wet conditions.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From the median crossing at US-67, at 37.47339, -90.30147, head south for .35 mile, turn right onto Madison County 401, follow the county road for .35 mile headed back north to the entrance of the trail, at 37.47311, -90.30345, there is also a second more aggressive entrance at 37.47376, -90.30436.