Taum Sauk Mountain Road

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536.99 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer

Trail Overview

Taum Sauk Mountain Road, is a gravel road traversing the state park of the same name, which is home of Missouri's highest point at 1772 ft, yeah not that tall, but noteworthy. The road is very easy going, because it is well maintained, and has only mild rolling hills in it's path. The State Park features hiking trails, primitive and dispersed camping, and an observation point, in the land right next to the State Park, the Missouri Department of Conservation has a lookout tower that you can climb to the top to look over the trees and see the surrounding St Francois Mountains. A great place to claim you pitched a tent at and offroaded at and near to.

Photos of Taum Sauk Mountain Road

Taum Sauk Mountain Road
Taum Sauk Mountain Road
Taum Sauk Mountain Road


A two lane wide well maintained gravel road around the State Park, the worst it will feature is a small water erosion rut, and washes on the steepest incline the road features when in between maintenances. Other than that there could be washboarding and mounding, but is unlikely.


In 1991 Missouri created Taum Sauk Mountain State Park, a 7,448-acre state park on the mountain. It is claimed that Taum Sauk is named after a Piankeshaw chief of the name Sauk-Ton-Qua. In 2005, the Taum Sauk hydroelectric power plant was damaged and a billion gallons of water flooded parts of the park and other nearby areas, especially Johnson Shut-ins.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

From the intersection of Missouri Route 72 and Missouri Route 21, at 37.59192, -90.62472, head south on MO-21 for 4.5 miles, at 37.56428, -90.67648, turn right onto Missouri Route CC, continue on this for 3 miles and at the fork turn right on to the gravel, at 37.56883, -90.71534, you are now on the road.

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