Pine Union Spur B FSR 2137B

Total Miles


264.54 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

The Pine Union 2137 Spur B is a natural forestry road in the Fredericktown Sector of the Mark Twain National Forest. It traverses the natural landscape of the Madison County hills, featuring a dirt road at the base with course rock, mild water collections, mild rutting, some natural rock and tree roots poking out at the surface, and mild mud. There is a great open area near the middle of the trail that is very campable and features a large mudhole. At the end of the public land, the road continues on into private land, there are forest boundary signs at this point, but there is no easy spot to turn around.

Photos of Pine Union Spur B FSR 2137B

Pine Union Spur B FSR 2137B
Pine Union Spur B FSR 2137B
Pine Union Spur B FSR 2137B


The trail features loose rock scattered in the path randomly, interlaced with mild water ruts, as well as a few large rocks and tree roots in the pathway, requiring a little thought of tire placement. There is also some small water collection spots where the trail gets a little slick and slightly muddy. The further into the trail you go the more naturally unkept it feels, dodging tree branches becomes part of the fun. If rain is in the area the difficulty would increase in terms of traction loss, not the depth of the water.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Trenton Pennington
Mar 17, 2024
2020 Jeep Gladiator
Chris Menz
Mar 14, 2023
1999 Jeep Cherokee

Access Description

FIRST Get to Bollinger County Road 872. (Coming from East) From the intersection of MO-72 and MO-O travel 4.2 miles south on MO-O, the entrance should be on your right at 37.46999, -90.11582. (Coming from West) From the intersection of MO-72 and Madison County Road 247, head south on Madison 247 for 2.7 miles to the northern entrance of the Bollinger County 872 at 37.48802, -90.14396. (Coming from South) From Marquand, MO, head east on MO-A for 4.4 miles, turn left onto MO-O, and drive .9 mile north, the southern entrance will be on the left at 37.46999, -90.11582. LASTLY, Follow Bollinger County Road 872 until you get to 37.48048, -90.14123, Head west past the Sycamore Valley Artisan Well and you are on 2137, when you reach the fork at the top of the hill stay right to continue onto the Hilltop section of 2137, this is at 37.47754, -90.14710. At the next fork, take the left to enter the 2137B.

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