General Watkins Cemetery Road

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137.66 ft


0.25 Hours

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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

The General Watkins Cemetery Road is the farthest west entrance into the General Watkins Conservation Area off US Route 61. It is a gravel road that leads up a hillside to the ridge top where General Watkins' resting area is located, as well as a large parking area and the point where the 1.8-mile hiking trail called the Cemetery Ridge Trail starts and leads back to the General Watkins Park Road. This is a great spot to meet people, have lunch, stretch your legs on a walk, or have a little historical lesson. The entrance point off US 61 has a few picnic benches next the the parking cut-out.


The difficulty of the road is minimum; the most difficult aspects are the general gravel road complications such as potholes, washboarding, and mounding. This trail is given a 1/10 for its ease of access and simplicity.


The conservation area is named after General Nathaniel W. Watkins, a brigadier general in the Missouri State Guard, the first Confederate unit in Missouri. He later served as vice president of the Missouri Constitutional Convention in 1875. He is now buried on the land that makes up the conservation area in a cemetery marked as "Watkins Cemetery."

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Status Reports

Chris Menz
Feb 01, 2024
1999 Jeep Cherokee
Permanently Closed
Posted Private Property
Locked Gate
Chris Menz
Nov 21, 2023
1999 Jeep Cherokee
Temporarily Closed
Posted Sign
Closed Gate

Access Description

Navigate to US Route-61 at 37.05853, -89.61149, this is 1.1 mile north of Morley and 3.8 south of Benton in Scott County, Missouri, then head north onto the General Watkins Cemetery Road.

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