Crane Mountain FSR 2108

Total Miles


371.71 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Crane Mountain FSR 2108 is a gravel forestry road through the St Francois Mountains in the Fredericktown Sector of Mark Twain National Forest. It is an easy-going gravel road, with two small creek crossings, shallow water collection spots, sections of course gravel/rock, and gradual graded hills. The road features the typical washboarding, mounding, and erosion rutting to be found on a forestry road.


The road is easy going, but does feature two small feeder creek crossings, that in the event of heavy rain could have a small amount of water in them, there is also a few small water collection spots, and the main hill climbs show signs of erosion rutting that could become worse between maintenances if the season was very rain filled.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From the intersection of Missouri Route 72 and Missouri Route JJ, at 37.58568, -90.60141, head south on MO-JJ for 2.8 miles, then merge right onto Iron County Road 112, follow this for 200 feet, to 37.54637, -90.60425, turn right onto the Crane Mountain FSR 2108, you are on the trail.