Central Pond FSR 2144

Total Miles


325.03 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer

Trail Overview

The Central Pond FSR 2144 is a mild-weight gravel forestry road that leads through the St Francis Mountains within Mark Twain National Forest. The road features gravel at its foundation, but in spots, the trail fades to dirt or mud. On the hills and grades, it has a tendency to form ruts and washes, at minimum being washboarding and mounding. There are also water collection spots roughly a foot deep, including the small feeder creek crossings at Peters Creek, this also being the lowest point in the trail. Along the route, there are also many camp-able cutouts. This is a great warmup trail to start exploring the Fredericktown sector of Mark Twain National Forest.

Photos of Central Pond FSR 2144

Central Pond FSR 2144
Central Pond FSR 2144
Central Pond FSR 2144


The difficulty of this road shows in the hills where rainwater carves ruts and washes into the pathway and also in the murky water collection spots in the valleys and hilltops that could feature hidden tree roots and rocks.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Tim Vollmer
Sep 17, 2023
Chris Menz
Feb 03, 2023
1999 Jeep Cherokee

Access Description

At the intersection of Missouri Route-C and US-67 at 37.48646, -90.30647, head west on MO-C for 3.1 miles, turn left onto Madison County Road 411, continue for 1.4 miles, turn left onto the Central School FSR 2100, continue for .8 mile, then turn left onto the trail entrance at 37.44251, -90.34854.

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