Amidon Conservation Area Road

Total Miles


292.23 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

The Amidon Conservation Area Road is a gravel-based road, compromised of the Madison County 208, and the Bollinger County 928, that cuts through the center section of the Missouri Department of Conservation area of the same name. The land that this is cutting through is primarily used for various types of hunting and fishing, but this road is for the offroaders that want to try their rig at creek/river crossings and loose rock. The road features 6 creek crossings through the Upper Castor River, with one nearing 12-18" deep on a normal day. Warning, if the conditions are rainy it could be more like 30" in depth. The water is swift and should be observed before entry, higher air intakes are recommended. on the Bollinger County half of the road, you climb a mild-grade hill to get to the eastern end.


The ends of the road feature a more maintained gravel and are very easy to drive, whereas the center section features course creek bottom gravel and is to some effect unmaintained at times, and can feature large washes and ruts, and mounding. The creek crossings are the biggest obstacles, the main crossing being 70 feet long and varying from 12-30" depending on the conditions. The smaller crossings probably range from 6-18" depending on the conditions. A higher placed air intake is recommended. Rocks in the water can be deceptively large and should be looked for, and the creek bed rock is loose and ever-changing, a little forward momentum is helpful. The dry sections of the road can feature randomly place large rocks and should be watched out for.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From the east off Missouri Route 72, at 37.52367, -90.09878, head north on Missouri Route HH for 4.1 miles, then turn left at 37.57406, -90.11764, head west on the Bollinger County Road 928, and you are on the trail. From the west off Missouri Route 72, at 37.55234, -90.22622, head east on Madison County Road 208 for 3.1 miles, cross the one-lane bridge, and stay right to remain on Madison Co 208, you are now on the trail. At the crossing with Madison Co 251 stay left, and with Madison Co 253 stay right to remain on the trail.