Park Forest, Potlatch, and Hilton Trails

Total Miles


403.77 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This route is an out and back, starting from the Gandy Dancer Trail traversing through the heart of Nemadji State Forest. The route begins at the Park Forest Trail and eventually becomes the Potlatch Trail. The Potlatch is a fun dirt trail that features several standing water areas that can get bigger after rain. Additional trail options abound. The Nemadji Hilton is a fun side attraction. The Potlatch Trail overlaps with the Mathew Lourey State Trail that is restricted to ATVs, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles, however, 4x4s are allowed to join in on the fun in this section. The last third of the route is known locally as the Hilton Trail.


Water can be deeper the 12" after a hard rain, so be prepared.

Technical Rating


Access Description

The Gandy Dancer Trail if you are on an ATV or SxS is the fastest way to Park Forest Trail. If you are in a Jeep or other 4x4, stick to the gravel roads of Kingsdale Road and Belden Road and leave the Gandy Dancer to the smaller vehicles.