Evart to Sunrise Lake Trail

Total Miles


437.16 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This is a nice wide trail that winds its way through part of the Cadillac Forest from Evert to Sunrise Lake. It can be run in either direction north or south. There is some mud section that could require four-wheel drive when wet. There are also a few hill sections that could be slick when wet. The trail takes about an hour to complete. There are plenty of attached trails to explore as well.

Photos of Evart to Sunrise Lake Trail

Evart to Sunrise Lake Trail
Evart to Sunrise Lake Trail
Evart to Sunrise Lake Trail


Four-wheel drive with decent ground clearance will be required as some of the mud holes and rutted areas could be a foot deep or more. Be aware that the surrounding trails in this area can be much more difficult with deep mud holes, very tight trails, steep hills, and rocks.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Cody *
Apr 13, 2024

Access Description

From the south, there is a trail head with parking and an outhouse restroom on the north side of the 7-mile road a little north west of the town of Evert. Gas and food can be found in the town of Evert. From the north, the trail starts directly across the street from Sunrise lake boat ramp. There is no trailhead here.

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