Riser Ford

Total Miles


481.99 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This seldom-traveled road is super fun road in either direction. A wide ford across Sideling Hill Creek near Swain Hollow is very fun, but beware it is at least 18 feet deep even in near-drought conditions. There is a gated seasonal road (out-and-back) approximately halfway that you can access when open, which is a dirt two-track trail.


The difficulty rating is strictly for the Sideling Hill Creek water crossing, which will be at least 18 inches deep. You will need a capable 4x4 and know where your engine's air intake is to cross this creek! There are no other obstacles of any consequence on this track.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Jeff Chambers
Dec 26, 2023
1977 Jeep CJ

Access Description

Coming from Route 40, there is a very sharp bend in the road (almost 180-degree hairpin). The road almost appears to be a driveway, but it is a marked road. Coming from the bottom, there is an easy drive in to the creek crossing.

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