Rocky Mountain Terrain Park

Total Miles


388.64 ft


1.34 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer

Trail Overview

Rocky Mountain Terrain is an 87 acres Off-Road Adventure Park located in Carthage, Maine USA. Off-Road enthusiasts of all types travel from all over the country to test their skills and play with other like minded individuals on varied types of natural terrain and man made obstacles. Upon entering the park you have to sign the waiver form in the abandon trailer on the left. Enter the first half of this trail to the right hand side of the entrance. This first section seemed to be geared for more dirt bikes or SxS vehicles use but wide enough for a jeep testing your feeling off being off camber. At this time the park had some serious wash outs to be careful of. We crossed over to head up the trail at the back of the property and started the climb. This section was light rocks and a sandy bottom that a stock jeep could make up. After getting to the top, this is where the real challenges started. Water run-off from the snow melt gave the rocks a slick surface that would be a challenge for a stock vehicle. Lockers were used once with a few places that driver error could require winching. Would not recommended for a stock jeep from this part on.

Photos of Rocky Mountain Terrain Park

Rocky Mountain Terrain Park
Rocky Mountain Terrain Park
Rocky Mountain Terrain Park


The first part of the trail was a soft sand that turned to rock with running spring water flowing down the trail. Several sections had rocks higher then axle height with wet leaves and winter water run off flowing down in between the rocks.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Brendon Parnell
Sep 03, 2023

Access Description

You take Winter Road to get to the park. During my visit this road was paved for about a mile then went to a Class IV road. During this time the road was rutted very badly and recommend not towing a trailer at this time as it would be interesting to get back to the site.

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