Fox Camp Road

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These maintained dirt and gravel parish roads will take you through pine thickets, swamps, and a forestry runway. Take your time enjoying the historic Olive Grove Cemetery before traveling Fox Trot Road. Halfway through the adventure, you'll find a forestry dirt runway. You'll see the Eros water tower which will be the end of your journey. There will be swamps, ponds, and wildlife on each side. During the spring and summer, it will be rarely traveled and potentially unmaintained. After wet weather, there's a possibility of high water, mud, rutted roads, or downed trees. During the fall, the road is primarily used for hunting or forestry. Only travel parish roads--no camping is allowed along the route.

Photos of Fox Camp Road

Fox Camp Road
Fox Camp Road
Fox Camp Road


The roads often are left unmaintained after storms which can lead to downed trees, flooded roads, ruts, and deep mud along the shoulders.


While now mostly used for hunting and forestry, Vernon once had hotels, a courthouse, stores, and a post office. There is now no evidence of its previous glory. Some of these parish roads run alongside of the original wagon coach trails used in the 1800s. While exploring, you can still find the ruts created by the wagon wheels.

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