Wild Horse Trail (Lige Hollow)

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572.26 ft


0.5 Hours

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This trail begins at an abandoned coal mine, twisting back and forth through a covered forest as it makes its way to the top of a regrown strip mine full of roaming wild horses. After seeing the horses and the view from the top of the mountain you'll begin to make your way back down the other side. There are some technical spots where the trail has large washout ditches you have to navigate. It has a very remote feel to it for it to be such a short through the trail to make it to other larger trails in the area.

Photos of Wild Horse Trail (Lige Hollow)

Wild Horse Trail (Lige Hollow)
Wild Horse Trail (Lige Hollow)
Wild Horse Trail (Lige Hollow)


Some places have very deep mud holes, 2' deep ditches in a large portion, and one hill has lots of large loose rocks as you drive close to the edge.

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Access Description

There is a sign that says Lige Hollow, as it use to be an old coal mine road.

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