Pisgah Point Spur - FS 111A

Total Miles


160.18 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Pisgah Point Spur FS 111A is a gravel forestry route through the northwest corner of the northern Kentucky section, Kentucky Lake side, of the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. The road consists of rolling hills traversing from the ridge top that the Woodland Trace rests on down into the valleys below. There, it crosses the powerline trunk to rise back up to another ridge top, before tracking back downhill to the Pisgah Point dispersed camping area on the edge of the Kentucky Lake shore. The terrain of the the trail consists of a gravel base, with sections that fade to dirt, and the hills show mild signs of erosion and rutting, but are often not long-lasting due to the priority of this trail. Where this trail shines is in the dispersed camping arena; it has an abundance of locations that can be set up and enjoyed for an overnight stay. The main spot is found at the trail end at 36.93679, -88.16826 and includes amenities such as a vaulted toilet, manmade metal grills, picnic tables, and several rock fire rings. Nearby to the trail end and the main dispersed camping area is the Lee Cemetery at 36.93762, -88.16890; please pay respect to those who came before us.

Photos of Pisgah Point Spur - FS 111A

Pisgah Point Spur - FS 111A
Pisgah Point Spur - FS 111A
Pisgah Point Spur - FS 111A


The FS 111A is a simplistic gravel road, featuring only mild hills with mild examples of erosion and spots where the road fades to dirt/thin mud and might have small ruts in between maintenance cycles. There is one optional creek crossing at Dodds Creek, which appears to be made for vehicles above the 7-ton weight rating of the concrete bridge it parallels. This is the only spot that could yield a higher rating due to potential water collection and loose creek bed gravel. The road is given a 1/10 base rating, due to the simplistic nature of the road, but at minimum expect potholes, washboarding, and mounding of the gravel. The road's difficulty could increase through heavy use and wet conditions, specifically at the mild grades where the gravel fades to dirt, or at Dodds Creek if water is present.

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Status Reports

Chris Menz
Feb 18, 2024
1999 Jeep Cherokee
Great quiet place to camp, and enjoy a night at LBL, the FS 305 is the fun way out of this area.

Access Description

Navigate to the Woodland Trace National Scenic Byway, which is the main thoroughfare north to south within Land Between the Lakes. Head to 36.95190, -88.15448 and here turn south onto the Pisgah Point Road FS 111. Follow this for 0.2 miles, then at the fork, take the left at 36.95014, -88.15608 to merge onto the Pisgah Point Spur FS 111A. You are now on the trail.

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