Davenport Bay FSR 127B

Total Miles


126.94 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer



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Trail Overview

The Davenport Bay FSR 127B is a degrading old back top road that leads to the water's edge in Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area. The road at one point must have been a decent blacktop road leading to the water for boat launching but has degraded heavily to give a unique offroading experience where rainwater has etched sections completely away, other sections are falling apart to the consistency of large gravel, the other portion of the road is a dirty gravel approach leading from the FSR 127 to the FSR 127A. There are two easy-grade hills apart from this road. Near the water's edge at the bottom of the ramp, is an area to set up a camp.




On the hill to the right when headed westbound to the boat ramp and waters edge, there is an old cemetery on top of the hill called the Hildreth Cemetery.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From the intersection of FSR 117, FSR 124, and FSR 123, head north on FSR 117 for .9 miles, turn left onto FRS 127, follow this for .6 miles and the trail entrance will veer to the right at, 37.02898, -88.10033. A forestry sign is present on the right at the entrance saying 127, follow this for .9 mile, then turn left onto the FSR 127B, at 37.04015, -88.10726.