D to E Road

Total Miles


190.59 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

The Turkey Bay E to D Road is a generally maintained primary gravel/dirt road connecting point to point from the E intersection to the D intersection inside the Turkey Bay OHV area, within the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, this road is part of the official Forest route M02. This road traverses along the Central East section of the park, riding over a few small hills with a generally dirty rock foundation, muddy when wet, all while dodging trees and roots sticking up at the surface, mud holes may be encountered along the road, but generally should be bypass-able or taken care of in maintenance cycles. This is a great foundational road to use to get around the park quickly. It is also a great road to aim for when using secondary routes as your end goal or starting point. The quickest route out of the park from here is D to E, E to the 8, and south to 9 intersection, which is at the Turkey Bay Gate FSR 167.

Photos of D to E Road

D to E Road
D to E Road
D to E Road


The difficulty of the E to D Road is slightly less than the others in the area, being due to it's elevation being of the top of the main hill in the area and lesser water collection when compared to it's precursor (8 to E Road) and proceeding (D to 5 Road). This said given a 2/10, but could elevate in difficulty if the conditions are wet and rainy.

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Status Reports

Chris Menz
Oct 08, 2023

Access Description

The most southern point is the E intersection, 36.75835, -88.07637 and the most northern point of this route is the D intersection, 36.76388, -88.08079.

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