Clifton Ridge Road

Total Miles


380.10 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Part of the Daniel Boone Backcountry Highway, this trail is a moderately tough trek through a valley carved by Clifton Creek. Starting at the north end, the trail starts almost immediately after the paved road with a long drive through the creek. The road winds through a thick cover of trees from the Daniel Boone National Forest. The trail ascends past some cliffside rocks that leave the trail tight, and it's a rocky climb up several sections. There are some switchbacks with one passing a rock overhang that sports a waterfall if it has rained recently. Some off-camber tracks lead to some drops into ruts, with a slick hill climb at the very end. This trail is certainly doable but can be technical.

Photos of Clifton Ridge Road

Clifton Ridge Road
Clifton Ridge Road
Clifton Ridge Road


A sharp climb over a broken drain pipe requires some positioning to climb over it, as it is a sharp 18-inch climb. Some of the ruts nearer to the top create a more than 2-foot off-camber drop that gives this the rating of 5. There are very limited spaces to pass a group of people on this trail. Some hill climbs will find people with lower clearance scraping a little to the top.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Jeremy Bartrom
Jun 14, 2024

Access Description

The noted direction of travel is from the northern section near Frenchburg, as there are very few places to pass.

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