Access Road/Trail 48

Total Miles


756.72 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This road is the access to the Black Mountain ORV Adventure Area from the Harlan County Campground on the north side. The road is fairly steep and well-maintained until the rental cabin area. Once past the cabins, the road turns into a trail. This trail is dirt with some small rocks, except for one particular switchback, which is why the trail has a higher rating. This switchback is wide and very steep. There is a rock ledge to the left side of the trail and large rocks on the right. This corner is difficult to navigate when it is wet and your vehicle may get hung up on the rocks. Locals say that this trail does get maintained, but it's unclear how often.

Photos of Access Road/Trail 48

Access Road/Trail 48
Access Road/Trail 48
Access Road/Trail 48


Most of the trail would be rated a 2, but because of the one switchback mentioned in the description, it's a solid 4. That switchback is very steep and has a rock ledge on the left side that has the potential to put a full-size vehicle off kilter. The right side of the switchback has large rocks and rutting that make it very difficult to get around.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Adam Voyles
Apr 20, 2024
2023 Can-Am Maverick X3
Trail is passable but the main right turn to the playground is extremely washed out. Also someone has rolled a very large rock in the center of the turn so stay to the right of the rock face.

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