West Silica Hill Road

Total Miles


208.03 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

The West Silica Hill Access Road is known locally as a western access point to the Rock Top "Pipeline" SFR 233 and Silica Hill Road SFR 645. It is made of course gravel at base, traversing over a couple steep hills, featuring, a creek crossing, loose rock, water collection spots, ruts and dirt/mud. When headed east you will climb two steep grades, and trek down one. The steepest grade corners and snakes though tight trees, while throwing ruts and slick dirt into the mix.


Rutting, loose gravel, steep hills, slick fallen leaves, tight trees, water collection spots, need I say more. The route description says it best.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From the intersection of IL State Rt. 3 and Old Cape Road, head east on Old Cape Road for 2.5 miles, turn right onto Fair City Road, and continue for .9 mile, turn Left onto Charles Lane (Dixie Lane Sign) at 37.36212, -89.34057, to stay on the trail in .25 mile stay left at 37.36258, -89.33655.