Upper Dry Gulch

Total Miles


1,729.40 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring, Winter

Trail Overview

Upper Dry Gulch is very similar to Sly Gulch, being a narrow desert single track through sage brush terrain, and steadily losing elevation as it drops into a valley and parallels a ravine. It continues along the bottom of the valley, the whole time in the gulch, elevated above a ravine with a small stream. You have to cross the stream a bunch of times, but it's more like crossing a mud puddle each time as the stream is very shallow. There aren't many rocks in the trail, so it's fun, fast, and flowy. The narrowness of the trail above the ravine adds a bit more of a challenge. Sometimes the trail is sloped off the side down towards the ravine. There are lots of cows grazing in this area, and great scenery of the sagebrush rolling hills, with lots of jagged rocks on the hillsides surrounding you. This is one of the easier trails in the area because it has fewer rocks. It's consistently a steady decline all the way from Cherry Spring Road to the intersection with Lower Dry Gulch, but also some small ups and downs as you ride over the rolling hills.


This is an easy desert single track with a bit of rock and is narrow.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The South Hills Single Track Trails near Twin Falls, Idaho are accessed off of Indian Spring Road with several staging areas and camping spots on BLM land. The trail system has over 40 miles of motorized trails varying in difficulty that can all be ridden over the course of a day or two, varying from fast sage brush single track to more difficult rock crawling. This area will be very hot in the summer, so is best in spring and fall. You'll likely see mountain bikers on these shared use trails.

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