River Access Tall Grass Loop

Total Miles


1397.53 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer

Trail Overview

This trail starts from the highway. It is a short loop trail, but it takes you to some beautiful river access spots. The trail crosses an old highway that was previously paved and fun to explore. Once across the old pavement, the trail becomes very narrow and is only the width of one vehicle. There is no room for oncoming vehicles to pass and no turnouts. The best area to get around other vehicles is in an open area along the river. There are a couple of little fingers down by the river. It is a beautiful spot for a picnic. In the springtime, the water is flowing quite quickly. Take caution around any bodies of water. Luckily this trail appears to be low-use and has very little traffic. Keep an eye out for lava rocks in the trail. Most of them have been cleared, but there are a few here, and they're hiding in the grass. The grass in the middle of the trail is quite tall in springtime. It's green, and there are beautiful purple flowers. It's worth cautioning that in the summertime, grass will be dry and is long enough that it could potentially catch fire from the underside of a vehicle. This is also an area you do not want to be in when it is wet. The trail turns to slick goopy mud. There is good cell service in this area.


The trail is very narrow, with no good pullouts for vehicles to pass except down by the river area. There is one larger lava rock that runs the width of the trail and will require getting over. It could be more problematic for a smaller SUV.

Technical Rating