Southern Lucas Point

Total Miles


1631.62 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is a nice flat, out and back, offshoot trail heading down to the Southern Lucas Point on Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir. To get to the beginning of the trail take China Creek off of Jarbidge Rd and Three Creek Rd, it's a well-maintained wide dirt road. The trail to Southern Lucas Point begins as a nice smooth dirt road running through an open grazing area for range cattle. Expect to come across sections of electric fence that will have signage and should have the ability to open them. Reclose any gates you come to. This first section of this dirt trail can be muddy and slick after a rainstorm. As the trail gets closer to the reservoir it gets rockier. One might want to air down for comfort. The end of the trail to Southern Lucas Point has a couple of flat open areas with fire rings and stunning views in most directions of the reservoir. There is access down to the water from Southern Lucas Point, the hill down is steep and loose gravel, it shows use from vehicles but does not appear on the official trail. Depending on how low the water level is there is a small fire ring down close to the edge of the water. Other activities here would be fishing and bird watching.


Mostly easy except for the end where the gravel gets loose and sandy.

Technical Rating